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Miscellaneous Stamp Products

Find specialty stamps for clothing, novelty stamps or fun stamps for use in the classroom, at work or for holidays!.



  • Art Stamps

    You see these stock design stamps in retail outlets everywhere. Now you can order your own custom images!
  • Dural Aluminum Inspector Stamps

    Dural Aluminum Inspector Stamps are offered with a felt ink pad in the base cap (your choice of any ink color) -- just pull the cap off the body to make an impression. Dural stamps have a hole for a lanyard so the user can wear the stamp around their neck.
  • Pre-Inked Inspector Stamps

    RM-50 and RM-75 inspector stamps are pre-inked with black, red or blue ink. A special “D-Ring” can be plastic welded to the case creating a hole for attaching a lanyard (sold separately) so the user can wear the stamp around their neck.
  • UltiFast All Surface Stamp

    Ultifast Quick Dry Permanent Ink Stamps make a permanent fast drying impression on almost any surface. Ultifast is waterproof and perfect for identifying personal items, glass, photographs, glossy brochures, plastic, CDs, industrial parts and much more. This stamp is not suitable for clothing/fabric.
  • Clothing Marker

    The stamp impression provides a unique identification after washing to avoid any confusion. So the garment always finds its way back to its owner after cleaning.
  • Security Blackout Stamps

    Stamp out your identity! Use the stamp to block out personal information on bank statements, bills, credit card statements, etc.