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Custom Signs & Nameplates

We offer a full selection of visual communication products including name plates, name badges, desk plate holders, wall and door brackets, magnetic signs, name badges and much more. Our signs are available in a wide array of colors and configurations to meet your visual communication needs..

  • Engraved Plastic Signs

    Premium Quality engraved plastic signs. Approximately 1/16” thick. Surface is laser engraved with microscopic precision revealing the core color beneath. Choose your size - many other sizes available. Self-adhesive tape on the back or magnetic backing are available on request along with Velcro "hook" or suction cups. Additonal charge may apply for intricate design requirements.
  • Engraved Aluminium Signs

    This sheet stock material is 100% aluminum and has the exclusive characteristic of marking black when engraved by our laser. Marking is permanent. The imaged aluminum sheet remains smooth to the touch and graphics have impressive resolution qualities. Satin silver (5268) or satin gold (5234) surface colors are offered. Maximum size is 12 x 20”, thickness is .020”. All sheets include a self-adhesive backing. Recommended for indoor applications. Many more sizes available. Additonal charge may apply for intricate design requirements.
  • Engraved Stainless Steel Signs

    The ultimate in durability! This sheet stock material is TRUE stainless steel. The marking is black when engraved by our laser. Permanent! The revolutionary process uses precise lasers and marking materials scientifically formulated to permanently fuse to stainless for high-contrast, high-resolution marking. Can be used in any indoor or outdoor environment. Extremely vandal resistant -- the stainless steel will scratch before the engraved mark. Maximum size is 12” x 24”, thickness is approximately .025”. Many more sizes available. Additional charge may apply for intricate design requirements.
  • Engraved Brass Plates

    The classiest form of engraving ... Engraved Brass! We precision laser engrave brass plated steel with background colors of black (2001BK), blue (2001BL) or burgundy (2001BU). Select from 4"x6”, 5"x7”, 6"x8” or 7"x10” plate size.
  • Engraved Name Plates

    Traditional Aluminum Holder - Classic all-American desk name plates Choose from gold or silver metal frame sizes of 1 1/2”x8”, 2x8” or 2x10”. Black is offered for 2x10” size only. Any of our engravable plastic or aluminum sign materials can be used. Walnut Wood Holder - True elegance in a desk name plate. Heavy walnut wood base with your choice of any engravable plastic or aluminum sign material for the front. 2x10”. Additonal charge may apply for intricate design requirements.
  • Engraved Name Badges

    Make sure everyone in your organization is identified to the public with our high-quality name badges. Select from a wide array of plastic colors. We have a variety of attachment options for your consideration, and the optional badge frames really dress up a badge! Standard sizes are 1” x 2½”, 1½” x 3” and 1¾” x 3½”. Custom sizes and special shapes are available along with hot foil stamping services - please contact us for more information.
  • Engraved Wall Mount Signs

    Mount a sign almost anywhere! Interior or exterior walls and doors are all receptive surfaces for our wall mount signs. The metal holder is drilled for mounting by two screws through the back. Choose from gold or silver metal frame and size of 1½x8”, 2x8” or 2x10”. Any of our engravable plastic or aluminum sign materials can use used.
  • Engraved Corridor Mount Signs

    Corridor mount signs are designed to project from the wall to be seen from two directions. The bright, bold colors of our engravable plastic materials are highly visible, and the smooth, satin finish with beveled edge creates an attractive, professional look that complements any decor. Stands up to moisture, grease, or grime. Supplied with a gold or silver aluminum bracket and hardware to permanently mount to the wall. 2”, 3” or 4” high by 8”, 10” or 12” wide.
  • Engraved Counter Signs

    Sits in a very businesslike fashion on a desk or countertop. Plastic holder tilts the plastic sign at just the right angle for everyone in the room to see. Sign fits in a slot at the top of the base. Select a holder that is 8” or 10” long . Sign height options range from 2” to 6”. Available in any of our colorful plastic sign colors.
  • Engraved Magnetic Signs

    A microsurfaced flexible magnetic material used to create promotional magnets, repositionable nameplates, vehicle graphics, and more. Colors are silver and black (088) or gold and black (089). Makes a great refrigerator magnet! Maximum sheet size is 12 x 24”, thickness is .020”. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Laser cutting in special shapes is available. Additonal charge may apply for intricate design requirements
  • Holders Only

    For wall signs and desk plates. Many colors and styles available.